Centio– derived from the Latin word Sentio, meaning to feel, perceive, experience. A desire we have for you: to feel, perceive and experience Alcantara®.


About Centio™

Performance means nothing without feeling.

Combining uncompromising design with high performance materials, Centio creates personal goods that feel like nothing else. Inspired by the world of elite motoring, our unique Alcantara construction pushes the limits of personal goods: streamlined contours meet exceptional durability to redefine what classic accessories can be.

Feel, perceive, and experience Centio.

The Traditional Men's Alcantara Wallet

About Alcantara®

Alcantara is a luxurious, soft-touch material renowned for being part of the finer things in life. It can be found on the seats of Lamborghinis, the head-linings of Audis and the steering wheels of Ferraris; a no-compromise material synonymous with quality and luxury.

In the automotive world, every second is of utmost importance. Shaving hundredths of a second off lap times can be the difference between defeat and victory. Alcantara's lightness and beautiful tactility allow it to perfectly integrate into the cockpits of expensive, high performance automobiles- and we hope our passion for exotic motoring will allow you to bring a piece of the automotive world with you, wherever you go.

Manufactured in Italy through a carbon-neutral process, Alcantara is a synthetic composite that truly is in a class of its own- it’s not leather, it’s not suede, it’s not felt. Taking care of your product is easy, and detailed instructions for cleaning it can be found here.

We source all our Alcantara straight from the manufacturer in Italy, so we can guarantee that you’re always getting the real deal with every Centio product.

*Alcantara® is a registered trademark of Alcantara S.p.A.

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